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Steel Ring Spiral Wound Gasket, 300LB, 10 Inch
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LD 14 SWG 06

China Spiral Wound Gasket Manufacturer Landee Offers Spiral Wound Gasket with CS Outer Ring & SS Inner Ring, PTFE Pack, 300#, 10 Inch, ASME B16.20.

Insulation Gasket & Sleeve, G10, 4 Inch, 600LB
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LD 14 IGS 01

China Isolation Set Manufacturer Landee Offers Insulation Gaskets and Insulation Sleeves, G10, 4 Inch, Class 600, Type E, Zinc Carbon Steel Washer.

Full Face Rubber Gasket, Class 150, 10 Inch
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LD 14 RG 01

China Full Face Rubber Gasket Manufacturer Landee Supplies Full Face Type Rubber Gaskets, Class 150, 10 Inch Size, 1/8 Inch Thickness for 150LB Flanges.

Spiral Wound Gasket, SS 304, Graphite Filler, 300#, RF
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LD 13 SWG 03

China Spiral Wound Gasket manufacturer Landee supplies 2 Inch Spiral Wound Gaske, Material: SS 304 + Graphite filler , 4.5 mm thick,  ASME B16.20 Standard.

Insulation Gasket, 300#, 6 Inch
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LD 13 IG 03

China Insulation Gasket manufacturer Landee supplies Insulation Gaskets with Neoprene faced phenolic with washers, 300# pressure rate, 6 Inch.

Spiral Wound Gasket with SS Inner Ring, CS Outer Ring
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LD 13 SWG02

Spiral wound gasket manufacturer Landee supplies green ANSI B16.20 spiral wound gasket with SS 316 inner ring, CS outer ring, SS 316 hoop, graphite filler.