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Maintenance Instruction for Y-strainers

  • Posted: 06/16/2015 07:31:08
  • Hits: 526

There are four points for the maintenance of Y-strainers   (1) Clean: there should be no oil or dirty on the sliding surfaces, screws, racks, gear boxes, oil holes and so on. Also, for each...

Maintenance of Gas Pressure Relief Valve

  • Posted: 06/09/2015 02:31:29
  • Hits: 609

(1) Breathing hole atop the gas pressure relief valve is used to adjust the amount of air to ensure the pressure can be controlled and the valve will not be clogged. In the past, many users do not u...

Three Policies Boost the Development of Valve Industry

  • Posted: 06/02/2015 05:36:56
  • Hits: 597

The future market prospect of China's valve industry is great and this is largely thanks to:   1. National policy support. With the national policy of accelerating the revitalization of...

Development Prospect of Safety Valves in Three Industries

  • Posted: 05/27/2015 07:09:53
  • Hits: 542

In recent 10 years, with the development of China's valve industry, the specification and application field of safety valves are continuously increasing. And the valves have been widely used in ...

The Functions and Methods of Steel Pipe Coating

  • Posted: 05/20/2015 09:01:04
  • Hits: 555

Steel pipe coating is an anti-corrosion coating treatment, preventing steel pipes form corrosion or damage in the process of storage and transportation.   In the past´╝îsteel pipes are all ...

Why the Control Valve Is Called Full-featured Valve

  • Posted: 05/13/2015 08:38:02
  • Hits: 575

The control valve has a total of seven excellent functions, so it is called “full-featured valve”.   1. Good adaptable function Adaptable function is one of the eight function...

The Development Trend of Valve

  • Posted: 05/06/2015 08:57:54
  • Hits: 590

With the development of nuclear industry, petrochemical industry, electronic industry and aerospace industry, as well as the development of process technology of automatic control and long-distance ...

The Reason for Natural Gas Ball Valve Leakage

  • Posted: 04/24/2015 03:36:31
  • Hits: 545

In construction period   1. Something wrong with transportation and hoisting and it gives rise to the overall damage. 2. When leaving the factory, there is no measure to be taken t...

The Current Situation of Electric Valves in China

  • Posted: 04/15/2015 07:40:12
  • Hits: 536

Compared with other valves, electric valves meet the industry demand of automation and have the virtue of easy assembly and low failure rate. With the development of science and technology, electric...



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