• China Metal Valve Enterprises Face Many Problems

China Metal Valve Enterprises Face Many Problems

Domestic metal valve industry enterprises obviously tend to outward development. Previously, because of low cost and intense competition, most companies relied on lower price to gain market share. As a result, corporate profit was very low, basically only reaching the state of the maintain production. Enterprises were lack of money for sustainable development as the consequence of low prices, low added value and low profits.
Under current situation of bullish macroeconomic, most production and sales of metal valve industry maintain a fast growth. However, influenced by the price war, industry sales revenue and profits have dropped sharply compared with last year. On the whole, China's valve industry market concentration is low, mainly producing middle-end and low-end products. For domestic core technology, there is still a gap compared with developed countries. Most valve enterprises in China are low level, small scale, and family workshop. Due to repeated investment and insufficient technology introduction, Chinese major valves are still low-quality mass products. 
At present, China's valve industry is still facing some problems. However, those problems do not affect the broad prospects of Chinese valve industry. Benefited from the support of national policy and valve products strong demand, especially several huge projects such as west-east gas pipeline and south-north water diversion project, a large number of valve products is needed.
Import and export revenues of China's valve industry reached $24.1 billion last year, growing by 28.2%. Total exports revenues reached $22.4 billion, growing by 29.3%. Total imports revenues increase by 27%, reaching $20.134 billion. As the world’s economic recovery, Chinese import and export products also greatly rose. For a period, product technology will become a bottleneck restricting the development of China's valve products.
Therefore, improving technology is the way to survive in the future. As a leader in valve industry, Landee introduces high-tech manufacturing equipments and hires skillful technician to produce top-end products. We are targeted to overseas markets and ambitious to become the pioneer of Chinese high-tech metal valve enterprise.


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