• China Safety Valve Industry Presents Good Prospects

China Safety Valve Industry Presents Good Prospects

Safety valves belong to automatic valves, which are widely used for boiler, pressure vessel and pipeline. They control the pressure not to exceed the specified value in order to protect personal safety and equipment operation. As a kind of common tool, safety valves have an extremely extensive application in the market, whose operating reliability and performance is directly related to the equipment and personal safety.
Analysts of Champ Consulting pointed out that market scale of relief valve industry has greatly expanded in 2014. In the aspect of demand, the relief valve demands are twenty percent higher than that of last year.
With the development of industries, specifications of relief valve are also increasing. More industries are applying relief valves such as petrochemical, oil refining, nuclear, thermal power industries etc. According to different development needs, relief valve manufacturers should launch new products, new equipment to meet the market demand. Safety valves belong to special equipment industry, but current number of qualified manufacturers in our country is insufficient. Qualification examination executed by General Administration of Quality Supervision is getting stricter. Nevertheless, the huge demand market is undoubtedly bringing more business opportunities for qualified manufacturers.
Safety valves in the future will be with industrial automation, which will improve the overall level of safety valve equipment to develop multi-function, high efficiency, low consumption equipments. Safety valves will compete on quality and brands for high technology, high parameter, strong corrosion resistance, long lifespan products. For relevant enterprises, they should carry out constantly technology innovation and technical renovation to develop new products. In addition, they must research the technical parameters and working conditions of high parameter valve products to promote constantly renewal and fully realize localization.
China Safety Valve Industry Presents Good Prospects


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