• China Shale Gas Development Can’t Copy American Model

China Shale Gas Development Can’t Copy American Model

A veteran of China's Ministry of Land that leads the development of shale gas said that China’s shale gas development could not copy the American model. It is hopeful but very difficult to complete the goal of 6.5 billion cubic meters set by "Twelfth Five Year Plan".
Zhang Hongtao, state counselor and former chief engineer of Ministry of Land, disclosed at 2014 China International Mining Conference held in Tianjin that China’s shale gas development can not copy the American model, because China's shale gas resource has its own characteristics. Although the reserves are vast, their distribution is scattered. There are many geological rifts, and the reserves are also destroyed. Thus, China needs to find out the conditions for shale gas exploration, and then considers the effective use.
"The first thing is to be cautious, followed by positive attitude", Zhang Hongtao said. He added that the main technical aspects of the development of shale gas are fracturing and horizontal drilling. However, these technologies will cause damage and pollution to underground structures including water resources.
Previously, Chinese government established a goal for the development of shale gas, namely achieving 6.5 billion cubic meters of production in 2015 and striving to reach 60-100 billion cubic meters in 2020. At present, there are only one or two China's formed shale gas fields, whose output is still far less than the above-mentioned plan.
It is worth noting that China's National Energy Administration has quietly lowered its shale gas production target in 2020. Wu Xinxiong, director of National Energy Administration said in August, “Shale gas production will reach 30 billion cubic meters by 2020.” Zhang Hongtao expressed that he totally applauded the government’s reducing the production target of shale gas.
China Shale Gas Development Can’t Copy American Model


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