• Connection Type and Classification of New Standard Flanges

Connection Type and Classification of New Standard Flanges

GB flanges, often used in pairs to connect pipes in pipeline projects, are disk-shaped components. Flanges with different pressures have different thickness and bolts. A projecting rim, collar, or ring on a shaft, which can provide places for the attachment of other objects are all called flanges, such as ventilation pipe connections.
The new standard flange connection is an important connection for pipeline construction. Using bolts to connect two pipelines, fittings or equipment together is called flange connection, also between these two flanges, you need to add flange gaskets to fasten the connection. Some fittings and equipment which already have flange plates themselves also belong to flange connection.
The new standard flange can be divided into screw connection flange and welded flange. Low pressure and small diameter situation is suitable for wire flange while welded flange is more often used in high/low pressure and large diameter situation. Flanges with different pressure will have different thickness, as well as the diameter and quantity of connected bolts. Depending on the level of pressure, flange gaskets will also have various materials, such as low pressure asbestos gaskets, high pressure asbestos gasket, metal gaskets and so on. Available to withstand great pressure, flange connection is easy to use.
New standard flange connection has a wide application in the industrial pipeline. Within the family, it is not possible to see the flange connection because of the small pipe diameter and low-pressure. But if you are in a boiler room or production site, flanged pipes and equipment will be scattered everywhere.
Connection type and Classification of New Standard Flanges


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