• Development Prospect of Safety Valves in Three Industries

Development Prospect of Safety Valves in Three Industries

In recent 10 years, with the development of China's valve industry, the specification and application field of safety valves are continuously increasing. And the valves have been widely used in petrochemical, oil refining, nuclear, thermal power and other industries. However, with more industrial applications, new requirements have been put forward for safety valves, as well as the quality and technical requirements. And the following is the development prospect of safety valves in these three industries.
Petrochemical industry: there has always been fierce competition in petrochemical industry and the requirement for valve equipment is highly strict. In the future, the safety valves will be complied with industrial automation to improve the overall level of valve equipments and the development of petrochemical valve equipments with multi-function, high efficiency and low consumption is the future trend. The annual output value of Chinese petrochemical enterprises is about one hundred billion yuan and this means there is a big market for safety valves in China (valves, pumps). Therefore, considering from the market changes, we should develop the safety valve market with assurance.
Oil refining industry: after 60 years of development, oil refining industry has a larger production scale. And under the promotion of a series of policies and measures, the production and output value of China's oil refining industry continue to grow in 2010, as well as its development momentum. In 2010, the output value of oil refining industry has reached 2.4252 trillion yuan, with year-on-year growth of more then 38 percent. From this point we can see that there is also a big market for safety valves in oil refining industry.
Nuclear power industry: as the infrastructure of the nuclear power equipments, safety valves take roughly 5-10% volume in this industry. China will continue the project of nuclear power development and plans to finish the goal of 40GW and 75GW in 2015 and 2020 respectively about power installed capacity. So, new products and equipments of safety valves have to be developed to meet the market demand.
            Development Prospect of Safety Valves in Three Industries


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