• Hydraulic Valves from Landee

Hydraulic Valves from Landee

Hydraulic valves are important device to control the pressure and flow of fluid in pipeline, especially in oil industry. This kind of valve also can produce hydraulic power.
Hydraulic valves have a long application history. It was first practiced by China, where the hydraulic valve was adopted in a bamboo water delivery system to control salt water.
The valves are used to prevent the Nile from flooding in the West. In 18th century BC, the prototype formodern valves are invented to control the direction of water flow.
When the steam engine was invented along came a compensation hydraulic valve that had the ability to adjust the flow. In other words, when the steam pressure increased, the plug valves controlled the intake and the exhaust of a steam engine. 
Now the hydraulic valves are included pressure hydraulic valves, directional valves, and flow control valves
Pressure Hydraulic Valves, or called as pressure control valves are used to control the water pressure. And they play a big role in controlling the water pressure in case the temperature reaching the maximum or the minimum. Landee offers a series of pressure valves like unloading valves, pressure regulator valves, counter-balance valves and sequence valves. 
Pressure regulators are used to control fluctuations in water pressure. Sequence valves are in two ways and force two parts of the hydraulic system to open. Unloading valves functions as reliving the pressure and plays a big role to prevent hydraulic system accident.
The control valves from Landee can guarantee the water flow to the desired direction by starting or stopping the water flow. The control valves from Landee have minimum two opening or as much as five to direct the water flow. The types are included actuated electrically, hydraulically, pneumatically, manually or mechanically.
Flow control hydraulic valves are the latest improved hydraulic valves to control and adjust the flow by a controller in the valve body. These types of valves can keep water flow from the influence of gravity while a hydraulic system is not working. Flow control hydraulic valves have the function to make the water flow remain on stand-by.


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