• Improve the Safety of Valve Products

Improve the Safety of Valve Products

The world has entered into a rapid development period of economic globalization and the inevitable trend of economic globalization is international standard. Through the study of association of ISO standard and China's valve standard, there has been a general understanding of adoption standard situation of China’s valve standard. It determined the direction and increased the intensity of adoption. At the same time, China has to strive for substantive participation in international standardization work, as well as the voice and leadership in international standards. Due to historical reasons and regional reasons, ISO / TC153 valve has been formed into a pattern which Europe and America becoming the main body. Thus, on the one hand, the National Valve Standard Authority actively participated in and hosted international standard conference; on the other hand, our country actively sent our experts out to join the Standards Committee "TC", the Sub-Committee "SC" and the standards working group "WC", seriously voting the draft international standard draft and providing the favorable terms to the ISO / TC153 Secretariat so that to reflect our reasonable requirements in international standards.
Improve the safety of valve products and guarantee the security of equipment and personnel. Many valves are used in pressure piping, so safety is essential. Accidents caused by valve products can be summarized in two reasons: first, the product does not meet the standard requirements, such as the wall thickness of the shell, testing requirements of the welded joints, materials requirements and so on. Another reason is the improper installation and usage. National Valve Standard Authority has always attached importance to product safety requirements so as to maximize the security of equipment and personnel. Safety requirements and valve safety standards revision will be the focus of future work.
Improve the Safety of Valve Products


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