• Iran Intents to Expand Oil Exports to Asia

Iran Intents to Expand Oil Exports to Asia

An executive of an energy company disclosed that Iran was negotiating with several Arab and Asian countries in order to sign new oil contracts in the near future, reported by foreign media.
The website of Iran Press TV released an article entitled "Iran and Asian Countries to Finalize New Oil Agreement" on August 3rd. Mohsen, the leader of international affairs of Iran National Iranian Oil Company, was interviewed and said that Iran had extended the term of nuclear agreement with the five Permanent Members of the UN Security Council, as well as Germany. Moreover, Tehran would sign a new contract of exporting petroleum products to Asian countries including diesel fuel, light and heavy naphtha, liquefied natural gas, fuel oil and so on.
In July, Iran and the six countries agreed to extend the negotiation deadline of nuclear energy projects until November 24, trying to reach a permanent nuclear agreement. At the same time, Iran had signed an agreement with a Chinese refinery for crude oil and diesel oil exports.
In addition, consultation of exporting diesel oil to Iraq has entered the final stage. Iran is also considering other contracts with Pakistan and Afghanistan this year to export liquefied natural gas, light and heavy naphtha, fuel oil etc.
Tehran and the six countries reached a transitional nuclear agreement last November. As Iran has fulfilled the agreement, the international community relaxes sanctions against it. The world's oil giants convey that they are interested in the regression of Iranian market.
Iran Intents to Expand Oil Exports to Asia


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