• Maintenance Instruction for Y-strainers

Maintenance Instruction for Y-strainers

There are four points for the maintenance of Y-strainers
(1) Clean: there should be no oil or dirty on the sliding surfaces, screws, racks, gear boxes, oil holes and so on. Also, for each component, there is no leak problem. And the chips, debris, dirt around the devices should be cleaned. 
(2) Neat: tools, accessories, artifacts (products) should be placed neatly, as well as the pipelines and wirings.
(3) Good lubrication: you need to refuel or change the oil on time to ensure that the oil pressure is normal, oil subscript is bright, as well as the oil flows smoothly and the oil quality is in line with the requirements. Also, you need to keep the oil gun, cup and felt clean.
(4) Safety: you need to comply with the safety rules and do not heavy use the machine, eliminating the insecurity in time.
Device maintenance generally includes routine maintenance, periodic maintenance, periodic inspection and accurate inspection. What’s more, lubrication and cooling systems maintenance are important as well. Instead of drove by other external energy, such as power, gas supply, Y-type strainers can be drove by their own energy, which is really energy-saving, environmentally friendly and easy to operate. After setting up the pressure value, Y-type strainers can be run automatically. With small requirements in accurate control, power and gas supply, Y-type strainers are getting popularized. During use, however, you need to pay attention to the selection and installation environment, otherwise it will lead to accidents easily. All in all, it is important to learn the working principle and structure of Y-type strainers.

Maintenance Instruction for Y-strainers


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