• Nuozhadu Hydropower Plant Was Fully Put into Production

Nuozhadu Hydropower Plant Was Fully Put into Production

On June 26, Nuozhadu Hydropower Station’s last units formally generated electricity, which marked that China's fourth largest hydropower station, which possesses a total installed capacity of 5.85 million kilowatts, was formally completed and put into production.
As one of China’s major strategic projects of West-east Power Transmission and Cloud Electricity Delivery, Nuozhadu Hydropower Station is the largest hydropower station in Yunnan Province, as well as a power station with the largest installed capacity along the Lancang River Valley. This hydropower station was installed with nine single power units of 650 thousand kilowatt, and the first unit was put into operation in September, 2012.
The dam is 261.5 meters tall, which ranks the first place in China and the third place in the world. Nuozhadu Hydropower Station also owns Asia’s largest scale of open type spillway and the world’s highest spillway power and velocity. The total capacity of reservoir reaches 23.703 billion cubic meters, equivalent to 16 times of Dianchi Lake’s. And the plant’s base capacity is 2.406 million KWh, with an average power output of 23.912 billion KWh for years. It saves 9.56 million tons of standard coal and reduces 18.77 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year for China.
Nuozhadu Hydropower Station is located in Puer City, downstream of the Lancang River. It has large capacity, strong regulation performance, obvious regional advantages. Therefore, it has great significance to optimize power structure, promote energy conservation and achieve clean development in southern region. By yesterday, the nine units have totally generated 32.104 billion KWh and safely operated for 673 days.
China's fourth largest hydropower station Nuozhadu Hydropower Station


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