• Safety Line of Defense in Pipeline - Cap

Safety Line of Defense in Pipeline - Cap

Pipe cap, one of the indispensable pipe products, plays an important role in the pipeline, and it concludes high-pressure pipe cap, threaded cap, stainless steel cap and so on.
Pipe cap is the safety line of defense in pipeline and it provides a barrier for the pipe so that the harmful substances can not be spread out, providing the most powerful and effective protection to construction workers and personnel. When transporting hazardous substances, there should be more than one partition to avoid the leak. That is, it is best to have more than one pipe cap to ensure the security.
In daily life, due to the negligence of the construction workers, they often forget to put pipe cap back and that will cause very serious consequences. Toxic, flammable and harmful substances will be spread out along the pipe, resulting in a threat to the safety of human life. When facing with this situation, we need to be vey careful during the construction and be sure to make all the removed caps restore to their original position after finishing the work. In daily inspection, pipe cap should be carefully checked to see if there is any damage or missing, if finding is a problem, we must solve it immediately to ensure the safety of the pipeline. What’s more, we need to pay special attention to the places where are easy to have leakage problems. Put double protection or increase the number of caps to strengthen the partition effect.
Safety Line of Defense in Pipeline - Cap


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