• The Valve Industry is Influenced by the Lack of Casting

The Valve Industry is Influenced by the Lack of Casting

Recently, valve industry is influenced on account of the lack of casting, which made many companies feel troubled. Some insiders said that, after series of problems includes the recruitment difficult previously, the foundry industry got some resistance to offer the products which they signed before and it made the downstream valve industry lack enough raw materials. 
According to the statistics, China's casting production reached thirty-five million tons in 2009. Now, it increases 9% to 10% every year, and China also became the biggest casting producing country. However, the whole industry has many problems at the same time. With a wide range of coverage, although it has got a great application in the lathe, automobile production, valve pumps and many other areas, backward technology, excessive consumption costs and environmental pollution is a truth that we cannot be neglected.
As a result of many prominent problems in foundry industry, the company with outmoded production capacity will be weeded out gradually, and for the domestic and foreign markets have the demand of the casting in SME, so it will be a long elimination to upgrade the whole casting quality. In the developing process of the foundry industry, valve companies should be concerned with the influence from power emission reduction, recruitment difficult and public policy to foundry industry, pay attention to the development and change in foundry industry at the same time and adjust themselves according to their own operating conditions. 
Intuitively, to a large extent, the development of the valve industry is restricted by foundry industry. Only if foundry industry can offer more cheap and fine product, the cost in valve industry can be saved so that they can put more funds in product development and then make promotion in whole valve industry.

The Valve Industry is Influenced by the Lack of Casting


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