• Landee Website Cloned Notice & ALert!!!

Landee Website Cloned Notice & ALert!!!

Dear Value Customer,

Thanks for your visit to our website and hope you can find what you need here. Please email us your inquiry and we will quote you the price asap.

Please be noted that we found a company named Xiamen Top Valves Industry Co., Ltd (Xiamen Zequn Import&Export CO.,LTD.).who Cloned (Copied) our entire website. We have no relationship with this company and we do not know what and how about they are handling. We are ready to counterattack their theft. Please do not do business with them to avoid any loss.

Thanks and Best Regards!

Xiamen Landee Industries Co., Ltd.

Our Evicence Pictures:

clone evidence

xiamen valves industry co ltd

xiamen zequn import export co ltd




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