• Thanks Receipt From Mr. Russeldeen After Visiting Landee Industries

Thanks Receipt From Mr. Russeldeen After Visiting Landee Industries

After Valued Client from Sri Lanka, Mr. Rsd Visited Landee in April 2013, We all enioyed the times spent in Xiamen together.  It is a Great Experience in our life. Landee General Manager Mrs. Vivian Chen was happy to received the Thanks Receipt from Mr. M.M.Russeldeen as followed:

Dear Mrs. Vivian,

I arrived safely last afternoon from Malaysia. It was indeed an useful and promising trip to China to meet all of you thro’ the courtesy of Lynn. Your care and hospitality touched me so deeply that I’m afraid whether I could ever match those sentiments in equal measure. Whilst I enjoyed every moment of my stay with your staff, I would be failing if I do not extend my SINCERE THANKS to the undernoted in particular.

1. Mrs.Vivian :-  It was so nice of you to have invited me to your residence for dinner and exchange pleasantries with you and your husband. I cherish that moment of sipping GINGER TEA in the balcony overlooking the rock and sharing our views of interest. My thanks and best wishes to you and your husband.

2. Lynn :-  For taking pains to be my host and ensuring that I was never left alone during my stay. Thank you so much for extending your kind courtesy.

3. Scarlet :- Oh! The 01Million. Thanks so much for inviting me to be part of the “Freshen up” session with your staff at 10 am & 4 pm and the time you spent in taking me on the pictorial tour of Koflow and making me feel at home with all those edible stuff neatly laid out on the table. I even brought home the packet of dried fruits you gave me. Sweet & Sour to say and that would last in my  memory for long. I wouldn’t forget the trouble you took to cook for me at your boss’s place. “Our Government is very Rich” still rings in my mind. Million Thanks to you.

4. Kevin : Thanks alone is not enough to you for your logistics support and ensuring nothing went amiss in my schedule except of course, the Shanghai hotel booking. Not to worry for I didn’t take it serious. I still have confidence in you. It’s all in the game. So my sincere thanks to you.

5. David & Frank :- Silent operators yet their robustness touched me a lot. Thanks so much for your pleasant company.

All in all, it was a wonderful association with all of you and it’s my turn to support you with more orders for a lasting relationship to make way for more trips.



Sri Lanka client Mr Rsd Visits Landee International Sales Centre


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