• AS Pipe

AS Pipe

Alloy Steel Pipe - ASTM A213 T9
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LD 001-PPT9

Alloy Steel Pipe manufacturer Landee supplies Alloy Steel PipesAlloy Pipes, ASTM A213 T9 Pipe, Length SRL, DRL or specified length as required.

Alloy Steel Pipe - ASTM A335 P22
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LD 001-PP22

Alloy Stee Pipe  manufacturer Landee supplies Alloy Stee Pipes, AS Pipe, Alloy Pipes, ASTM A335 P22 Pipe, Length: SRL / DRL, OD: 5 to 1500mm, WT: 0.1 to 100mm.

 Alloy Steel Seamless Pipe, 6 Inch, ASTM A335 P5, 9-12 m
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LD 14 ASP 01

China Steel Seamless Pipe manufacturer Landee provides ASTM A335 P5 Alloy Steel Seamless Pipe, with SCH 160 Schedule, ANSI/ASME B36.10 Standard, Plain ends.