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ASTM A105 A234 WPB Reducer Welded Flange, 36X18, SCH 20
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LD 14 RWF 01

China Pipe Reducer Manufacturer Landee Supplies ASTM A105 A234 WPB Reducer Welded Flange with Zinc Rich Coating, 36X18 Inch, SCH 9.53*20, ANSI B16.9/B16.5.

Forged Pipe Flangeolet, Carbon, Stainless Steel, SCH40
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China Forged Pipe Flangeolet manufacturer Landee supplies 4 In - 1 1/2 Inch Flangeolets RF flange ends, made of carbon steel, stainless steel, Schedule 40.

Metal Octagonal Gaskets
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Metal Octagonal Gasket Manufacturer Landee Supplies Metal Octagonal Gaskets in R, BX, RX, IX Types, made from carbon steel, soft iron, 316, 304 materials.

Flange Isolation Kit Type E Gaskets, Class 150#
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LD 13 IKEG 01

China Flange Isolation Kit Gasket Manufacturer Landee Supplies Class 150# Flange Isolation Kit Type E Gaskets with Neoprene faced phenolic with washers.

Forged Carbon Steel A105 Ring Flange, UT tested
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LD 13 FCSRF 01

Ring flange manufacturer Landee supplies carbon steel A105 ring flanges with DN 2000 mm, OD 2338 x ID 2038 x WT 90 mm in size destinated to Spain country.

EN 1092-1 GP240GH Flat Plate Flanges, PN16, DN100
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LD 13 FPF 01

China flange manufacturer Landee supplies GP240GH flat plate flanges, conforming to EN 1092-1 standard, with black-painting surface, size of DN 100, PN16.

Stainless Steel Pipe Flanges
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LD 010-FL3

Stainless Steel Flange Manufacturer Landee Supplies Stainless Steel Pipe Flanges, SS Pipe Flange, SS Flanges, in ANSI, BS, JIS, UNI, MSS, and SP Standards.

SCHXS WN Flange, ASME A105N, 26 Inch, CL600, RF
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LD 15 WNF 10

China WN Flange Manufacturer Landee Provides SCHXS WN Flanges, ASME A105N, Class 600 (PN100), Size 26 Inch, Flanged Ends, Raised Face, ANSI B16.47A.

ASTM A350 LF2 WN Flange, 300 LB, 12 Inch, RF
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LD 15 WNF 11

China ASTM A350 LF2 WN Flange Manufacturer Landee Offers Weld Neck Flanges, Class 300 LB, 12 Inch (DN300), ASME B16.5, Flanged RF Ends, SCH.STD.