• Flat Face

Flat Face

Isolation Gasket Kits, G10 with PTFE & Viton, 20IN, CL150, FF
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LD 18 KG 01

China Isolation Gasket Kits Supplier Provides Isolating Gasket Kits, Flange Isolation Kits, G10 with PTFE and Viton, 20 Inch, Class 150, Flat Face End.

Vertical Mounting Foot Valve, ASTM A126, 6 Inch, CL125, FF
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LD 17 FV 01

China Vertical Mounting Foot Valve Manufacturer Supplies Vertical Mounting Foot Valve, Cast Iron ASTM A126, 6 Inch, Class 125, ASTM A105 Flange, FF.