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Differences in Applications between Plug Valves and Ball Valves

  • Posted: 06/17/2017 10:03:10
  • Hits: 46

Plug-valve: Plug valves adopt cock bodies with through holes as their valve discs. The valve is opened and closed by the cock body rotating along with the valve stem. The small packless plug valve is ...

Origin and Development of Plug Valves

  • Posted: 05/25/2017 08:51:32
  • Hits: 36

In the 230 B.C, the first description of three-way plug valves is noted in the Byzantine era. At that time, a three-way valve was is made of bamboos and had a wooden cork between two bamboo strips. &n...

Identification of Seamless Steel Pipe

  • Posted: 04/24/2017 08:28:08
  • Hits: 35

A seamless steel pipe, a kind of long steel, has hollow section without seam. It is made from perforated tubular billets which are made of ingot steel or solid steel pipe and undergoes the process of ...

Will Stainless Steel Sanitary Valves and Fittings Not Rust? 

  • Posted: 03/09/2017 11:03:46
  • Hits: 32

Many people simply think that stainless steel will not rust, rust doesn't occur in stainless steel. Ordinary carbon steel reacts with oxygen in atmosphere, and forms oxide film on the metal surfac...

The Installation Notes of Wafer Check Valve

  • Posted: 02/25/2017 09:45:54
  • Hits: 25

Wafer check valve is a universal one-way flow valve with light weight. It is easy to be installed between flanges. There are two semicircle spring fixed in the valve by pin. Spring deformation makes t...

Different Valve Body Materials Are Suitable For Different Working Conditions

  • Posted: 02/06/2017 10:57:09
  • Hits: 23

There are many different kinds of valve body materials suitable for a variety of different working conditions. Commonly used body material has the following nine categories: 1. Gray cast iron. It is s...

Two Properties of Special Ball Valve Still Need to Be Improved

  • Posted: 01/12/2017 16:34:24
  • Hits: 28

For the metal hard sealing ball valve, wear resistance and sealing performance still need improvement. Hardening treatment of ball and valve seat surface: The special ball valve is mainly used in the...

The Way to Explore the Potential of the Valve Industry

  • Posted: 07/18/2016 13:42:56
  • Hits: 45

It is the first obstacle to break for the future development of the valve industry in China to improve the level and grade of the valve products. The downturn of the entire valve industry leads to the...

Major Challenges for the Development of Steel Pipe Industry

  • Posted: 03/25/2016 14:21:26
  • Hits: 38

Chinese steel pipe industry has made great progress in recent years, however, it still facing five major challenges. 1. Overcapacity led by repeat investment and construction. In recent two years, Ch...



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