• China Valves Develop with Manufacturing Industry

China Valves Develop with Manufacturing Industry

The application of valves, as basic component in manufacturing industry cannot not be neglected. In recent years, with the improvement of demands in manufacturing industry, the standards of valves is enhanced. With the development of manufacturing industry, China's valves are also developed into high-end orientation.
However, neither domestic market support policy nor technical level is still not good enough to develop high-end valves. Followings are some difficulties for realizing nationalization of high-end valves.
Lacking of fund for research and development. There are obvious gab on development concept of product technology between China's corporations and foreign developed corporations. Lacking of fund for research and development has become a key factor for restricting self-research of corporation. According to incomplete statistics, funding for research and development only accounts for less than 2% of the corporation's total revenue. Compared with foreign famous corporations, the funding of the whole industry for research and development is quite small. Relevant statistics show that the total R&D expenses of the whole year in China's valves and pumps industry even is smaller than a corporation in developed country.
Weak capability of independent innovation. It is said that the absorption of imported technology is still ineffective for China's manufacturing industry. Most of corporations have inferior capability of independent innovation. 57% of core technology on machinery products still depend on import. Although most of products in China's valves and pumps industry have realized independent production, China's corporations still concentrate in low-end processing. Range and depth of autonomization need to be enhanced. For example, the core technology of nuclear pump and core package on high-pressure boiler which have been nationalized for nuclear power plant, still relies on import.
Unwillingness to buy nationalized products. Even performance index of nationalized products has reach the same level as developed countries. Some customers are still willing to purchase of foreign equipments, which makes the first China's major technologies and equipments enter into market more difficult. Although many nationalized high-end pump products have quit high technical level, some departments still refuse to use them for lacking of operational performance. 
Shorting of industrial general technical study. Due to transformation, some institutes which used to serve industry have changed independent corporations. Structural properties and focus of work have been changed a lot. Supporting role of industrial technology is weakened gradually. Development of new technology and technics is slow. Standard of designation, technics, materials and manufacturing has fallen behind developed countries.   
With advancement of policy for promoting manufacturing industry, general basic manufacturing industry will accept key support in further and nationalization of high-end valves will be also accelerated. The whole industry should rectify shortcomings and strengthen technical innovation.


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