• Cryogenic Valves Made for Wartsila LNGPac fuel system

Cryogenic Valves Made for Wartsila LNGPac fuel system

Bestobell valves announced that it has a contract with the Wartsila Gas Power. With which Bestobell is the preferred supplier of Cryogenic Valves for the Wartsila's LNGPac fuel system.
This is the first time the two companies have cooperated. According to the contract, the Bestobell will supply 20 cryogenic valves which combine Class150 manual and pneumatic actuated globe valves. The valves will be onboard the ferry Osfriesland and will be applied for the fuel system, applying in  LNG and fuel oil.
Bestobell says it has only an eight-week to manufacture and deliver the valves. According to Mark Henley, the member of the President Engineering Group, he says his company looks forward to this cooperation because this is the first contract of the many orders in the following few years. The demand of cryogenic valves applied for dual-fuel applications can be large, as the more ship owners need them to make more environmental friendly vessels. He hoped his company can built permanent partnership with the Wartsila and help the company to develop well. His devoted team would make its effort to manufacture the valves with a shorter period.


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