• Domestic Fasteners Plants Are Developing Slowly

Domestic Fasteners Plants Are Developing Slowly

Represented by fasteners, basic components are not only the basis of China's equipment manufacturing industry but also important foundation of the national economy in various fields. During the Twelfth Five-year Period, loaders, excavators, rollers and other construction machinery products will reach 6 million units, with annual sales of around 50,000 units. The estimated annual demand for high-strength fasteners is about 20,000 ~ 30,000 tons.
In recent years, the government has given some support to the introduction of technology, technological innovation, research and development and other areas, but there is still a large gap compared with the current market demand and abroad level, particular in less product variety, low quality instability and poor reliability.
During the Twelfth Five-year Period, the industry should maintain the cost advantage and achieve sustainable development relying on technological progress, quality improvement, cost performance and other new advantages. The whole industry is expected to reach 7.5-8 million of total output by the end of 2015. Under the overall situation of expanding exports, exported products will show a choppy growth. It is estimated that the average export growth rate will come to 8% to 10%, and the industry's total exports in 2015 will reach 30 billion yuan.
At present, due to finance or other reasons, domestic fastener factory mainly use domestic and Taiwanese equipments to produce fasteners. To guarantee mass production of high-end products, monitoring measures and mold production levels should be improved. And substandard goods should be eliminated to ensure the assembly quality.
With the huge market demand, ensuring the orderly development of China's fastener industry will be a main problem we faced. To release relevant stringent industry standards and improve the industrial chain will be a strong supporting point.
Domestic Fasteners Plants Are Developing Slowly


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