• The Current Situation of Electric Valves in China

The Current Situation of Electric Valves in China

Compared with other valves, electric valves meet the industry demand of automation and have the virtue of easy assembly and low failure rate. With the development of science and technology, electric valves will have long-term service life with high tech content, high parameter and strong corrosion resistance.
The market prospect of electric valves is considerable. Industry sources say that based on temperature, pressure, flow and other parameters, valves are mainly used to control the process and flow of all kinds of fluid in industrial process, such as water, oil, chemical liquid, etc. Pressure relief valves, temperature pneumatic valves, solenoid valves with temperature system, proportional control valves with temperature system, temperature control valves and other kinds of control valves are usually used in a plant. When choosing automatic valves, we should not only take the accuracy, quality, pressure drop, flow, structure, failure rate, after-sale service into consideration, but also the type of heat engines and the reputation of manufacturers, etc. Only in this way can we achieve the goal of being economical and practical.
In terms of the product itself, electric valve, with easy assembly and low failure rate merits, meets the industry needs of automation. Therefore, it is a more economical choice for companies and thus gives rise to the growth of valve demand. Not like common and traditional pneumatic valves, motor-drived automatic valves are easier to assemble. Also, instead of being composed of piping, solenoid valve, compressor and other things, automatic vales are only required to assemble with original control circuit, which can save costs.
According to The current situation and future development trend forecast of China electric closed valve industry in 2011-2016, which was released by China report hall, electric valves will move in the direction of having high tech content, high parameter, strong corrosion resistance and long-period service life with the continuous development of market, science and technology. In recent years, the market demand for electric valves is soaring. Also, in the wake of developments in mechatronics, electric valves, one of the most important mechanical products, are encountered in unprecedented market. However, on the other hand, huge market demand means high requirement.
Automatic control valves are becoming an indispensable part of operational efficiency and energy saving. In terms of installation cost and working efficiency, hand-operated valves and pneumatic valves, which are usually used in traditional industry, can not be compared with electric valves.
The Current Situation of Electric Valves in China


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