• The Development Trend of Valve

The Development Trend of Valve

With the development of nuclear industry, petrochemical industry, electronic industry and aerospace industry, as well as the development of process technology of automatic control and long-distance fluid transmission, modern cryogenic valves, vacuum valves, nuclear valves and control valves with all kinds of types have made a progress. More and more valve actuators have been applied for remote and program control. And the following is the development trend of valve.
1. Expand product parameters. For example, the largest diameter of a valve can up to 10 meters, while the minimum working pressure can be 1.33×10-8 palmer. Ball valves and butterfly valves are moving in the direction of high temperature and pressure.
2. Manufacture automatic control valves which can save energy and effort. People produce ball valves, butterfly valves and drain valves to reduce the fluid transportation energy consumption and heat lost. Coincidently, the research for electric power, pressure, hydraulic driven valves and controls valves are also needed in order to meet the development of automatic industry.
3. Improve valve structure and use new material and technology to prolong its service life. For example: adopting elastic and lubricant structure to reduce the sealing force and torque and using plastic, titanium alloy and other materials as the manufacturing materials. Also, using new material, like expanded graphite, to pad the valve. As for the sealing surface material, cemented carbide and Teflon are surely recommended. At last, various new surface strengthening techniques are adopted to improve the service life.
4. Develop special valve series. Such as cryogenic valves, vacuum valves, nuclear valves, safety vales, control valves, drain valves and valve actuators which are dedicated to liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen, liquefied natural gas and other situations.
   The Development Trend of Valve


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