• High Precision Sanitary Valves

High Precision Sanitary Valves

High precision sanitary valves nowadays play a very important role in the medical, food, health and other industries, especially in those industries which have high demands for valve fittings. So what is the charm for high precision sanitary valves?
High precision sanitary valves refer to those valve fittings which are used in the pharmaceutical, food and other industries which have high hygiene level requirements. Generally, the wholesale procurement is from pharmaceutical and food factory and they usually buy it to maintain the associated equipments.
High precision sanitary valves are used for wine, vinegar and other liquid. This kind of valve can be divided into two parts: the upper part is opening and closing plate while the lower part is the body that can be composed of cover, main housing and spool. And there is a vent hole on the liquid pipe wall of the main housing and a pulling rod is fixed on the spool. Also, there have holes on the top center of the cover. Opening and closing plate is placed on the body cover to connect the pulling rod which is fixed with handle and vent plug. High precision sanitary valves are used to cut off the air so that the taste of the spices can be kept and prolong storage time. At the same time, during tapping process, the air will flow into the container and make the discharge smooth. With simple structure, easy operation, high precision sanitary valves also have a good sealing performance.
High precision sanitary valves are special valves with strong acid and alkali resistance and high temperature performance. Using 304 and 316L raw materials, the high-precision requirements can be guaranteed to the maximum extent. Also with the further use of high precision sanitary valves, more promotion for high precision sanitary valves is needed so as to ensure its position in the industry. 
High Precision Sanitary Valves


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