• Installation Notes of Reducer

Installation Notes of Reducer

When installing a reducer, if the inner diameter of the process piping and pore sizes do not match, then you should make the appropriate necking or expanding treatment. After installation, in order not to affect the distribution of the velocity field and finally result in pressure loss, reducing the measurement accuracy of electromagnetic flowmeter appropriately is necessary. Usually, the center of the cone angle can be controlled below 15 degrees or smaller.
Installation notes of reducer
1. If the flow changes within a small range of variation when the fluid is flowing in the pipe, whether increasing or decreasing, you should use reducer.
2. When installing a reducer, you should try your best to avoid the occurrence of cavitation at the pump inlet position.
3. When installing a reducer at the pump inlet position, the gas should be ensured not to be agglomerating at the reducing position.
4. If the inlet of the pump changes, then you shall select concentric reducer. If the pipeline enters into the pump from top to bottom, you should choose the top-flat reducer; and if the order is from top to bottom, you should choose bottom-flat reducer instead.
5. During installation, you should select the corresponding flowmeter based on the actual flow of the process piping.
Installation Notes of Reducer


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