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TGTDCL, Bangladesh

As Landee Piping, Valves, Fittings Customer, Titas Gas Transmission and Distribution Company Ltd. (TGTDCL)'s history of the use of Natural Gas as a source of energy and feed-stock in Bangladesh dates back to early sixty's. Haripur Gas Field, discovered in Sylhet district in the year 1955, cameinto commercial production in 1961 with the supply of gas to Natural Gas Fertilizer Factory (NGFL) at Fenchuganj by 28 miles 8" DN pipeline. The Chatak Gas Field, discovered in 1959 was brought into commercial production with commencement of gas supply to Chatak Cement Factory in 1960 by 12 miles long transmission pipeline.

Titas Gas T & D Co. Ltd. (TGTDCL) was formed in November 1964 as a joint Stock Company (Under the Company's Act 1913) of the central Government of Pakistan on the one hand and Pakistan Shell Oil Company on the other, with a view to transmitting and distributing natural gas to the Dhaka city the then provincial capital of Pakistan from the discovered gas field called "Titas" located on the bank of the River Titas, within the close vicinity of the present Brahmanbaria district of Bangladesh. The authorized capital was Taka 17.8 million only, divided into 17800 shares of Taka 10.00 each. Ninety percent of the shares were subscribed by the then central Government of Pakistan and remaining ten percent by the Shell Oil Company.

The basic objective of the Company was to construct, own and operate natural gas transmission & distribution facilities in the mid-eastern region of Bangladesh i.e. Comilla, Mymensingh and Dhaka district with the right of purchasing, transmission, distribution, sales and disposal of natural gas within the jurisdiction of greater districts before creation of new districts.

In December 1971, after nine months of liberation war, Bangladesh emerged in the world map as a new independent state with the same geographical boundary of the then East Pakistan. Plunged into a state of total economic collapse following the war of liberation, vigorous activities were immediately started at all levels to rebuild the country. Certain national priorities were set by the then Govt. and significant changes were brought about in the management of development activities. A no. of Sector or Corporations were formed and each of them was entrusted with the operation and management of the units under it. In March 26, 1972 Govt. has formed "Bangladesh Oil, Gas & Mineral Corporation (BOGMC) under the Presidential Executive Order and Titas Gas T&D Co. Ltd. has become an enterprise of BOGMC. Titas Gas T&D Co. Ltd. which was earlier established as a joint stock company with 90% share capital of the Govt. of Pakistan naturally vested to the Govt. of the People's Republic of Bangladesh and the rest 10% share capital of Pakistan Shell Oil Company was transferred to the newly formed Bangladesh Shell Oil Company. During 1975, under the nationalization program, Govt. has brought back 10% share of Shell Oil Co. and Titas Gas T&D Co. Ltd. has become a 100% Government owned Company. Meanwhile, during August1974, Bangladesh Oil & Gas Corporation/Petrobangla and during October 1975, Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources had been formed. TGTDCL has been placed under the administrative control of the newly formed ministry along with Petrobangla and its subsidiary Companys.

The gas supply area of the Company has been extended to new areas of Greater Dhaka, Greater Mymensingh and Brahmanbaria which includes Dhaka Metropolitan city & suburbs, Tongi, Joydevpur, Gazipur, Mirzapur, Tangail, Savar, Dhamrai, Manikaganj, Aricha, Narayanganj, Sonargaon, Rupganj, Araihazar, Jinjira, Keraniganj, Munshiganj, Mirkadim, Brahmanbaria, Bhairab Bazar, Ashuganj, Narsingdi, Ghorashal, Madhabdi, Sreepur, Mymensingh, Netrokona, Jamalpur, Sherpur, Kishoreganj, Tarakandi, Bhaluka, Trishal & Gaffergaon. Presently, Titas system is receiving gas from Titas, Habiganj, Narsingdi & Bakhrabad Gas Fields under Bangladesh Gas Fields Co. Ltd. and from Rashidpur, Kailashtila, Beanibazar Gas Fields under Sylhet Gas Fields Co. Ltd. and Jalalabad Gas Field of Oxydental/Unicol.

Presently, in Titas System the Daily average offtake of gas is 800 Million Cubic Feet (MMCF) and the yearly Revenue Earnings is Tk. 24000 million. The Company has so far given gas connection to around 9,73,419 customers (17 Power stations, 4 Fertilizer factories, 2953 Industrial units, 7832 Commercial units, 152 Seasonal units, 55 CNG and 968016 Domestic customers). TGTDCL alone is saving a sum of over Tk.22000.00 Million annually on fuel import bill of the country other than its payment to National Exchequer in the form of Excise Duty, CD/VAT, Corporate Tax and Dividend. At Present, there are 2642 Employees (660 Officers and 1982 Staffs) serving in the Company, among which 205 are foreign trained Graduate Engineers, Economists and Accountants.

Among the four gas marketing Companies the market share of business of TGTDCL is 70 % of which Power, Fertilizer, Industrial, Commercial, Domestic and Seasonal are 48.20 %, 18.97 %, 20.28 %, 1.04 %, 11.56 % and 0.13 % respectively.

The company operates from its own office complex at Titas Bhaban, Kawranbazar C/A, that is in the centrally located business area of Dhaka Metropolitan City. The office is fully furnished with all modern office facilities and logistics. The office is also equipped with security system with modern digital telephone, Fax, SCADA as well as electronic mail.

With the increased shape the authorized and paid-up capital of the Company has increased to Tk. 2000 million and 1507.30 million. "Titas Gas" is now a household name for its uses in the houses, Power plants, Industries, hotels and restaurants. And as raw materials to the Fertilizer factories, it is helping attain autarky in food and other agricultural products.

TGTDCL has, by its own right and merit, earned the reputation as well the capacity to undertake any major project in Gas Engineering, Pipeline Construction, Operation and Maintenance thereof and also in the marketing of gas in the country.

TGTDCL is Landee Industries' Pipe, Valves, Flanges, Pipe Fittings  Fasteners, Gaskets Customer in oil and gas segment in Bangladesh.

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