• Three Policies Boost the Development of Valve Industry

Three Policies Boost the Development of Valve Industry

The future market prospect of China's valve industry is great and this is largely thanks to:
1. National policy support. With the national policy of accelerating the revitalization of equipment manufacturing industry, the development of common basic manufacturing will be further treated as a key project.
2. Along with the sustained and stable development of state economy, as well as the fixed asset investment gradually expand, and there is a strong market demand for valve products. In particular, these three great projects "West-East Gas Pipeline Project ", "West to East Power Transmission ", "South-to-North Water Diversion " and other projects require a lot of valve products and fittings. In addition, faced with the arrival of the industrial era, petrochemical and chemical industry, power and metallurgy sector, and urban construction will also enhance the demand for valve products.
3. Entering into the WTO, as well as lowering the threshold for international trade and adjusting the structure of products, China is gradually becoming the world's largest factory with greater development space to manufacture valve products.
Therefore, as long as valve companies can seize the opportunities, strengthen the research and development capabilities, and constantly improve the technological content of products and product quality, they will be able to gain the initiative in the broader market competition.
Enterprises with technological innovation capability can have long-term competitive advantages. Only enterprises can use high technology to transform traditional industries, and actively introduce, digest and absorb foreign advanced technology and equipment, improve the level of equipment, accelerate technological innovation, optimize and upgrade at the valve industry as well the products, improve the value-added of products, will they have a long-term competitive advantage.
Leading valve enterprises will be rapidly developed. These enterprises not only have advantages in size but also in technology and capital. As the market gradually improves the quality demand for valve products, these valve leading companies will have the development opportunity in the fierce competition.

Three Policies Boost the Development of Valve Industry


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